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It's finally here, Reader! The post I promised you about our bedroom artwork! It's been a process, but we've finally finished updating that room! To give you some perspective, here's our "just moved in" before shots:

Our bed and bedding was a new purchase, but the nightstands, artwork, and lighting was all mish-mash. The art look that inspired Gabe and I came from these two images in the Restoration Hardware catalogue:

We loved the simple, color-free line sketching and how uniform but comprehensive the art was. So, I decided to try and mimic some of the RH patent prints and make them personal by choosing things that meant something to us as a couple. We also love love love the old armorial coat of arms that RH has, so we decided to make one of our family coat (Lopez). In the end, these were the pieces I spent my time focusing on for inspiration:

For this project, I purchased some 16 x 20 frames at IKEA. I also purchased some smaller frames in the same style/series (NYTTJA).

From there, I spent time on Google finding images of things that we liked. We did playing cards, a piano, and a schematic of a french press, just to name a few. I also pieced together a Lopez Crest from different images (Note: I do a lot of my amerture graphic work in PowerPoint. Super easy to create poster-sized prints in there!). I had my images printed by FedEx office, and my large prints were only $0.23 each! Couple that with the $5.99 each frame cost and the $10.00 for the large pad of Watercolor Paper, and I came in under $100 for the whole project.

Once I got the images back (note: I had them printed on ivory cardstock and in black and white), I mounted them on the watercolor paper and put them in the frames. We also created a cork board (just put some ContactPaper Cork in place of a picture!) and some small images for above our nightstands. As per usual, I hung them with the Command 3M Picture Hanging Strips (seriously love them! It makes it so easy to hang a symmetrical gallery). Here's our final product:

I'm so thrilled with it! The nightstands will be a post next week (yep, those started out as solid pine RAST IKEA dressers!) and the lights were a semi-splurge, since we bought both them and the shades new at Target (here and here). That's it! Hope you love it, Reader, and that it inspires you to make something you love!

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