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It's February already! Can you believe how quickly January flew by? I feel like I'm still revving up to make the changes I talked about in December (maybe that's because Gabe and I are just today starting the juice cleanse we talked about doing in January! I'll let you all know how that goes!).

Now that I have a husband, and with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I definitely have "love" on the mind. I'll be sharing several Valentine's Day themed posts over the next two weeks, including some great day and night outfits, and some fun "activities" to do with your honey. Today's posts are my Currently Crushing Valentine's Gift Guides. First up, my top ten for the ladies!

These are a combination of things I love, and things I don't have quite yet, but really want to own and love one day! ;-) Details & links to buy below!

Candle: Anthropologie

iPhone Case: Kate Spade

Love Ring: Tiffany&Co

Nail Wraps: Jamberry

Art Print: Scarlet & Gold Shop

Cinnamon Hearrs: Wiliams-Sonoma

XOXO Card: Scarlet & Gold Shop

Trinket Tray: Kate Spade

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