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Well Reader, we made it! If you've been following along, we just finished the three day process of DIY epoxy countertops over existing builder grade tile. It was a PROCESS (you can read the backstory and Days 1, 2, & 3 through these links), and after 3 days of curing, we finally got to install the kitchen sink. This was the only step I had a professional in for. I didn't want to mess with plumbing. I had them do the kitchen sink while they were here installing a waterline for our existing fridge. Yes, I finally have water and ice in the door again after 5 years! Hallelujah!

For those who are curious, we paid $1500 for the line and the sink install, and provided all the parts ourselves. It took two men about 6 hours to complete the process, and it was well worth it.

As to the sink, we had been working with a very cheap dual basin model that didn't even hold our small pots or pans, and I had been dreaming of a large single basin model for a while. I found one that fit the current sink footprint (so I didn't have to resize the opening in the counter - a big win for me), and came with all the bells and whistles. A drying rack, a colander, a cutting board, and two openings for a faucet and accessory. It was also highly rated, the company who manufactured the sink had great reviews, and under $300, which is an insanely good price for this style of sink with all the accessories.

I wanted a touchless faucet in matte black with an extendable/retractable neck so it would easily clean the sink, and went with this one. I've been very happy with the faucet, and would definitely recommend it if you're in the market.

And, finally, the must have you didn't know you needed: the cup rinser. You Guys. This is life changing, especially if you entertain often or enjoy wine. You simply put your glass upside-down on the rinser, and press. Water jets up and rinses the entire glass thoroughly. Then you can wipe down the rim to remove any lip marks and move on, with your glass sparkling and no danger of cracking it as you try to stuff your hand or a sponge into your delicate stemware. Hands down, in my top three favorite things about the kitchen reno.

Next week I'll cover refinishing the cabinets, and laying the new flooring. Then we'll wrap up with finishing touches (the fun part!) and my only real fail: the backsplash. Thanks for following along! And, as always, you can shop the post below.


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