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One of the things I was most excited about once we knew we'd be leaving Houston for So Cal was the outdoor living. There isn't anything quite like a California night. Warm and scented with Jasmine in the summer, crisp and clear in the fall - it's what my childhood was made of, and what I can't wait for Evie to grow up remembering.

We started off with a large concrete and brick patio that had (mercifully) been cleared of the bamboo jungle before we moved in. Basically, a blank canvas:

We wanted our space to reflect our love of California wine country, while staying true to our relaxed, effortless vibe. The resulting space is something we all love and enjoy nightly!

Our large pergola was a Target find, and is actually all aluminum! Market lights are something that many of our favorite restaurants have had throughout our relationship, and something we had hanging over us at our wedding, so it felt fitting to include them in this space. We added a giant sectional to accommodate friends and family (loved the price and multiple configurations on this one!), along with a fire pit that met my two criteria: no sharp edges, and the propane tank needs to be housed inside! We added a few simple touches, like outdoor candles (love that these flicker and are on a timer!) and jasmine, to complete the space.

Oh, and I painted the patio! White paint with a black simple stencil. I like it so much more than the old concrete and brick we had before!


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