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One of the rooms I had no plans to touch until we could tear it out and start from scratch was the kitchen. I HATED that room. It was a dingy patchwork of mismatched curtains, old counters, cheap cabinets, and a conglomeration of paint colors on the wall, including chocolate brown, sea foam green, and tangerine orange. Do you hate it now, too? It just felt old, dirty, and uncared for, even though I kept it religiously clean and took care of the space daily.

One day, I started thinking about giving it a mini face lift. Just something to make it feel like it belonged to us, and was part of our house. After all, I spend a big piece of each day in that space, and it just wasn't feeling good. After coming up with some tangible changes and a budget ($500), G told me to go for it, and go for it I did!



The resulting space came in well under budget thanks to leftover paint from the dining room, some amazing Target Dollar Spot finds, and a lot of elbow grease. I love how bright, airy, and light the space feels now. It's definitely something I can live with until we knock down a wall and replace the whole space.

If you could pick any room in your home to give a mini makeover to, what would it be??


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