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One of G's and my favorite things to do together is get involved in a series. Most nights after Evie goes to bed, we sit down with a couple of drinks and lose ourselves in a different world. Here are a few of our favorites, broken down by streaming service.

A quick disclaimer: anything with a * next to it has gratuitous adult content, such as violence, sex, and/or language, just in case some of you want to steer clear.


-The Last Dance* (this MJ documentary is fantastic)

-Family Guy*

-White Collar

-Burn Notice


-The Office

-Peaky Blinders*

-Stranger Things


-New Girl

-The English Game


-Breaking Bad* (I could never rewatch this - but it was phenomenal)



-Game of Thrones* (worth it, even though the final season was absolutely horrible)


-His Dark Materials

Do you have any favorites that I missed? Message me on Instagram and let me know! We're always looking for something new to watch!

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