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This post is sponsored by August Home, Inc. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Today’s mom has a lot going on. We have the luxury of wearing several hats, juggling so many balls, and pursuing our dreams. While all that sounds lovely (and it is!) the truth is we all have our hands full (did I say full? I meant overflowing). So, anything that frees up time and makes life easier is a gift. That’s why I’ve chosen to focus on gifts that do just that this Mother’s Day, even if they are a little less traditional than the jewelry and massage (which are still appreciated thank you very much!!)

1) Robotic Vacuum

I hate vacuuming. There. I said it. I hate it. It takes forever, I have to do it every three days, and its loud. That’s why I love love love having this chore automated. I don’t have to think about it, make time for it, or wonder what the dogs brought in that might get stuck in Evie’s little bare feet. I know everyone says not to get a vacuum for Mother’s Day… but if it’s a robot vacuum, that rule doesn’t apply.

2) August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

I knew I wanted a smart lock for our new home, and after doing some research I realized the best option for us was the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. Not only does it allow me to use my existing key if the need ever arose, it knows when I leave and when I come home. The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect automatically unlocks the door for me through bluetooth connectivity to my cell phone. It also locks the door behind me when I leave, allows me to use my voice to control when it locks or unlocks, and tells me when it’s open or closed thanks to the secure magnetic sensor called DoorSense.

Even when I’m not home, I can open the door for someone through the August app – or I can grant access to a guest for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks! It’s up to me, and all in the palm of my hand. In a nutshell, thanks to the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, I always have hands-free access to my home. It makes things so much easier – especially with a wiggly toddler and packages in tow.

3) Shopping Service Annual Subscription

I didn’t realize how much time I was wasting or stress I was adding by insisting on my weekly grocery trip with Evie in tow. An hour (easily) in the store, buying more than I need because “this looks good”, and then having to still deal with the prep work and unpacking after I get a fussy toddler who wants to just eat it all right now back home. Now, I shop in 15 minutes on my phone, then wait for it to arrive at my door while Evie plays. (Yep, the same door that I unlock with my voice). The time and stress it saves has changed my week.

4) Subscription Box

Shopping with kids is hard, so why not give mom the chance to try on, play with, or experience some fun new things in the comfort of her own home during nap time with a subscription box? There are so many great options out there now that you’re sure to find one that fits the mom in your life perfectly!

5) Babysitter & a gift card

Okay, so this is a little less traditional, but how about hiring a sitter and sending mom to the mall with a gift card so she can shop, try on, sip coffee, and enjoy the space to just be in her favorite store for a bit? It’s one of the things I miss most about my pre-mama days.

Now I have a gift for you! Interested in winning your own August Smart Lock Pro + Connect? Great! I’m giving you the chance to gift one to the special mom in your life (or keep it for yourself!). Head to my Instagram @simplicityandcoffee for all the details on how to enter! Good luck, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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