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I can't believe it's been two years. I stopped doing motherhood updates a while back -but I want to remember to do these milestone posts. Two is really special. It marks a transition from baby to kid that has been mind-blowing in so many ways! So, reader, I'm going to write a little note to Evie right here, and I invite you to peek in and share this special birthday with us :)

Evie, can you believe you took your first steps this year? And now you run everywhere - your only speed is fast. And when you're not running, you're climbing. On everything, over everything - it doesn't matter, as long as you can scale it somehow.

You started to really talk. You use full sentences, ask for what you want, and know so many colors. You've even learned to recognize the letter E, and joyfully point it out to me everywhere it goes, because E is for Evie.

You want your whole world to be pink, blue and white. Cake is always on your mind, and anything you can call a prize is an extra special win in your book. You've started picking your own outfits, and they're... interesting. They always include belts, bows, and "ears".

Speaking of ears, you've grown up going to Disneyland. I don't think you realize how special that is yet, but someday you will. You're a Disney baby in almost every way imaginable, and seeing you experience the magic in your sparkly pink mouse ears has been one of my favorite parts of this past year.

Your imagination is astounding! I love watching you play house, make meals, and care for your dolls like they're kids. You've become quite the artist, too. You love to paint - we paint almost daily now - and it's so fun to see your impressions of Chloe, myself, and trees.

You throw tantrums now, because it frustrates you to no end when you don't get what you want. But you also love so hard and so big. You give the best hugs, the sweetest kisses, and always greet everyone excitedly and give the kindest goodbyes,

While all that is wonderful, I think my favorite part of this year is your assurance that I'm yours and you are loved. You hold my hand, invite me into your world to see what you see, and crawl into my lap without thinking twice because you know you belong there. You are so confident, and so beautiful, my girl.

So thank you for this past year, with all it's struggles and deep joys. Two looks good on you, and I can't wait to see what this year brings. I love you Evelyn.

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