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I had fun shopping for Evie last year, but it's NOTHING compared to the mommy madness that has taken hold now that she's old enough to actually play. We're in the age of make-believe. We love to play with miniature versions of things mommy uses, dress up, and make our toys talk to one another. So, that's what this gift guide focuses on. Have fun, and (as always!) feel free to message me with any questions.

1. Kid Craft Vintage Kitchen in White ($80): I lucked out and my favorite color of this adorable vintage kitchen is on sale! You can find it in red, pink, and aqua too for around $130. I love that it has all the bells and whistles in one unit, and it's a great size for my 20 month old.

3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Brew & Serve Coffee Maker ($20): As you might guess, mama drinks a lot of coffee ;-) Evie loves to make coffee, too, and even adds cream and sugar upon request!

4.Dyson Toy Vacuum ($30): Evie loves to push this around while I vacuum. It makes a similar sound, and (if you want to use this feature!) it even sucks some things up!

5. Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit ($15): This is so fun! I love that they can cut the fruit themselves for play. So interactive, and great for working on those fine motor skills.

6. Disney Princess Dress-up Chest ($30): I love that this chest has all the pieces you need to dress up as 4 different Disney princesses! The possibilities are endless.

7. Mickey & the Roadster Racers ($20): Like most kids her age, Evie loves to watch Mickey and drive cars. This five-pack is the perfect stocking stuffer and will lend itself to hours of driving on her Skip Hop vibrant village play mat!

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