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I've been wresting through this topic for a while now, and while things are by no means fully formed, I wanted to start sharing my thoughts with you.

As a Christian, the concept of love as more than a feeling - as a choice, as an action, instead of just an emotion - is a familiar one to me. It's one I grew up hearing about. While the feeling of love is amazing, and such an important part of our experience as people, it's the choice of love - the dedication, commitment, and unwaivering support - that truly define love.

As you all know, we've been living with my folks since leaving our house in Houston back in May. And, while my parents have been amazing, living in this continued state of limbo - this place of waiting - is not easy. Emotionally, physically, spiritually - it wears you down. As a result, when I've been reading about joy and hope recently, I've felt frustrated. I don't feel joyful. I don't feel hopeful. I feel scared, and burdened, and inadequate, and incapable, and tired.

One day, as I was praying through those feelings, a thought came to me: What if joy and hope are like love? What if they're more than a feeling? What if, like love, they are a choice?

I want to spend the next few Fridays exploring this idea with you, but I'll leave it there for now, and ask you to sit with that thought: What if they're a choice?

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