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Thank you to Freshly Picked for providing Evie's shoes! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We've been in Freshly Picked moccasins since Evie's little feet finally got big enough for them (being born early early early like she was meant shoes - not to mention newborn sized clothes! - didn't fit for a while). We love the quality, comfort, and style of these little leather moccs, and now that she's older and walking (aka running - sprinting - dashing) everywhere, the mini soles are perfect for us. Since they've been a part of our daily lives for so long, their motto often springs to mind: For Every Step. It brings up memories of all the steps we've taken in FP - growing strong and big enough to fit in our first pair; our first photoshoot together; learning to crawl; playdates at the park with friends; our first wobbly steps; and, now, the exuberant exploration of her world as I watch her go from toddler to pre-schooler before my teary-mom-eyes.

As I dash around after her, I often think about the days before she could move - you know, the days when you could lay them down, walk away, and come back to find them exactly where you left them? - and can't help but laugh at how different my days are now (and while I laugh I've got one hand holding on to a toddler arm, the other one full of toys, and one foot kicking a ball aside, of course). Yes, being a mom to an active little lady has it's challenges, especially for a calm, quiet introvert like me, so we've had to come up with a few ways to keep up & stay sane. Here are my top three:


It surprised me, at first, how much of a difference it made leaving the phone in my room and tuning in to what Evie was doing. In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense. This little girlie looks to me for affirmation, encouragement, and guidance. Having my eyes on her lights her up, and, to be honest, I'm much more relaxed when I don't have the distraction of my phone. I still choose to have it around much of the time for photos, work, etc., but at least a few hours a day, I put it away and just play.


Our days go much more smoothly when I have activities prepared before Evie gets up. There are a few I keep sorted and ready to go - stickers & crayons, a dress-up bin, and our slide. I usually clean/prep these things before she wakes up in the AM, and prep a new set of activities during her nap (we usually bake or go swimming in the afternoon). That way, we're ready with some structured time that takes little effort from me, and she can free-play between activities.


She needs them, and so do I. If I'm overwhelmed, or if she's overwhelmed, we pause and read. Sitting down and snuggling through a book or two calms us both down and gives us a reset moment. Sometimes, she hits the crib with a few books to continue reading by herself if we need time & space, but regardless, we start off by reading together. Some of our favorites include anything in the Sophie la Girafe family (On the Move and Playtime with Sophie are our current favs), Giraffes Can't Dance, and The Monster at the End of this Book.

As a quick reminder, my discount code for Freshly Picked's Fringe Membership is good through Friday! Head right this way to find out more about the program, and get $5 off your first month's membership with FPxSimplicity.

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