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I can't believe my baby girl is a year and a half. WTF. And I can't believe how much she's changed since she turned one. The newly-crawling little lady of 6 months ago is a busy, boisterous, fiery toddler with lots of opinions and a mind all her own. I still haven't gotten used to the arched-back toddler tantrums (do you ever get used to those?) or the feeling that everyone now judges me for her behavior - good or bad. It's definitely a season of learning to give grace to myself.


Our schedule is pretty much the same, with just a handful of notable changes:

5:00 AM - Mommy goes to Spin (W & F)

6:30 AM - Mommy does devotions & spends some time preparing for the day

7:30 AM - Evie wakes up!

8:00 AM - Breakfast (recently Evie has started mixing up pancakes one morning a week, and it's the most adorable thing ever)

8:30 AM - Evie reads books while Mommy showers

9:00 AM - Off for morning activities!

10:30 AM - Snack Break

12:30 PM - Lunch time

1:00 PM - Nap Time

4:00 PM - Wake up & Play

6:00 PM - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while Mommy cooks dinner

6:30 PM - Dinner time

7:00 PM - Bath time

7:30 PM - Books & snuggles

8:00 PM - Lights out!

Yes, I found a way to get back into the gym ... at 5 AM. Ugh. But, it's the only time there's a Soul-Cycle-esque spin class within 25 miles of me, so I'll take it. I need it for my sanity. Spin is where I pound out all the stress of the week, and I was noticeably more tense without it. I'm so excited to have this time in my day for just me - even though I hate waking up before 7!

You also may have noticed that I was finally able to push Evie's nap into the afternoon! Yay, yay, yay. Having that break in the afternoon has amplified my sanity 10-fold. The stretch from her previous wake-up time of 1:30 to EOD was killin' me. The shorter play period before our bedtime routine is much better for all of us.


We've received a few new items from some of our partners that we're really loving over here! First up, the mini-soles from Freshly Picked. It took me months to get my hands on a pair of these in her size because they sell out so quickly, but we finally snagged some and I'm in love! You know we've been FP fans since Evie was little, but now that she's walking, she needed sturdier soles. The FP Mini Soles have just enough structure to be comfortable for walking while still being soft, flexible, and some of the cutest shoes we own. Evie has these black classic moccs, and these copper oxfords (dying!) and we just ordered the chelsea boots in this color. If you love FP moccs like me, I highly recommend joining the Fringe. You get access to special Fringe Friday deals (like moccs over half off!), can shop some product drops before everyone else, get free shipping and your monthly membership fee becomes FP store credit to use! Right now, you can get $5 off your first month with code FPxSimplicity. But hurry! The discount is only good until Friday! Then it goes back to full price.

We also have started to enjoy making our toys talk to each other (OMG), so we added this Minnie Mouse to our collection, since we already had Mickey and he needed a friend (Obvi). Since Evie is still in the "everything goes in my mouth" phase, I just keep all the small pieces in a secret place until she's old enough ;-)

With her increase in imaginative play, we've started hunting for more dress-up clothes and "doing things mommy does" items, too. Our most recent addition is this Dyson vacuum, which she LOVES to push around. (Truth time - she spends most of her "real play" time vacuuming, talking on the phone, and bringing me coffee that she's made in her little coffee maker - she's the little mirror I didn't know I'd have!)

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