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Thank you to Lexus for sponsoring this post and providing such an amazing vehicle and experience!

When we found out that G's parents were going to fly across the country to spend a week with us at Disneyland, we couldn't have been more excited! After all, our family loves Disney - we're there a few times each week - and it had been so long since we'd last seen them without 50 other family members around. They asked if we would mind picking them up from the airport... which led G and I to exchanging glances and wondering how on earth we could fit 4 adults, a car seat, and at least 5 suitcases into the Mini (short version: there was absolutely no way!). Fortunately for us, Lexus had the perfect solution, and after having such a wonderful experience with them for G's birthday in June, we excitedly accepted their offer of the 2018 RX 350L for our week-long trip.

After just a few hours in the car, I knew I had found my next vehicle (if you follow me on Instagram, you know I considered selling the mini, but decided to keep her until after we buy our place in LA and I found "the one". Well, we found it!). Not only did it have some of my favorite luxury features from the LS 500h - like the seats that can heat or cool and a trunk that opens and closes with the press of a button - it also has some amazing safety features. For example, the parking break is set to automatically engage and disengaged, which I love. Finally, the space was incredible! With the third row down, I could shop for DAYS and still have room. With it up, we still fit the luggage for 4 adults and a baby in the back. I couldn't have loved our time in this Lexus more, and can't wait to have one of my own.

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