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We love Newport Beach. If you've been following along for a bit, you know that G was living in Newport when we met. We created many of our relationship's memories in that city, and while we ended up loving San Francisco, moving away from that laid back, So Cal beach lifestyle was difficult for us both. So, once we made our way back to So Cal, I knew that we needed to spend some time soaking up favorite spaces & places as a couple. With G's birthday fast approaching, I thought that would be the perfect time to leave Evie with my folks and get some much needed time away together.

Since it was G's birthday, I wanted to surprise him with something that he would (1) not expect at all and (2) be head over heels excited about. He's always hinted at wanting to drive an amazing car for an hour or two as part of a birthday celebration, so I reached out to Lexus and one-upped him: we had the privilege of test driving a fully-loaded, brand new, Lexus LS 500H for four days. Spoiler alert: he loved it.

And, tbh, I knew he would. The Lexus LS 500H is inspired down to it's tiniest details. I personally loved the sophistication of the interior - the way it enfolded you as you settled into your seat (which has personal climate control - as in, your seat can actually blow cool air on you - it was amazing) and how customizable everything was. My space could be adjusted to feel and fit me perfectly - as could G's - any both back seats. It was so luxurious! G, on the other hand, was the most enamored with what was under the hood: namely, the first-ever 10-speed automatic transmission in its class, and the ability to drive in a variety of "modes", including Eco, Comfort, and Sport +. If you really want to play, you can switch into manual and drive using the paddle shifters. Needless to say, we made up reasons to drive over the weekend ;-)

We spent the weekend hitting some of our favorite places, like Fashion Island (the best outdoor shopping mall!), Le Pain Quotidien (the coffee is good, and comes in bowls!), Mastro's (our favorite oysters - Kumamoto - made the perfect pre-dinner snack!) and we stayed in an Oceanview room at the Newport Beach Marriott, soaking in the salty air and uninterrupted time together. All in all, it was the perfect weekend escape!

Next week, I'll be sharing some of my new must-have travel accessories, so tune in on Tuesday!

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