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I can't believe a year has come and gone since I first held this little lady in my arms. Pregnancy seemed to last forever, but the first year of Evie's life has flown by. We spent this weekend celebrating with friends, and over the next few weeks, we'll have grandparents visiting to help with packing & spend some time with this not-so-little-anymore lady.

This is going to be the last "Motherhood" update. Going forward, Evie's content will be integrated more fully into the Lifestyle category, and consist of sharing products we love as we find them, and continued coverage of her seasonal capsule wardrobes! If there's anything else you'd like to see, let me know! I'd love to cover the content you guys are interested in.


I'm loving the toddler phase :) It's so fun to have a little girlie who understands so much more, and is so much more vocal and opinionated! I've been carving out time for me to rest each day, which really helps with my attitude. I"m a much better mom and wife when I give myself the space to rest for 15 min. each day. Other than that, I'm busy with packing up the house. It's surreal and bitter-sweet, getting ready to leave the home we brought Evie back to. But I'm excited to be back in California and near my family.


  • Chirpy Bird

  • Little Lady

  • Sunshine Bestie


  • We decided to get our molars early (why wait until 15 months when you can get them at 12 months?!) so we're up to 12 teeth!

  • We're still standing up without holding onto anything, and cruising around the furniture, but no first steps yet.

  • We are talking up a storm! We now say Mama, Dada, Eww, Yay, and Hey.

  • We sing ALL THE TIME! It's so adorable. No words, but it's "la la la laaaa.... baba ba, oooh, oooh ooh" all day long!


We did end up springing for the Joovy Tricycoo, and OMG, it's her favorite. We take it on a walk to the park almost every day, and she kicks her feet and sings the whole time! G and I aren't as big of fans as we thought we'd be - it's super plasticy, and rattles (ugh), but for the price & the level of enjoyment she gets, we're happy.

Evie also got her first pair of Nike tennis shoes, and I'm loving them. So is she :) They have really neat soles - they're cross-cut (if that makes sense?) so they're super flexible and Evie finds them very easy to walk in. I found that we needed to go up a size (she's a 3c right now, and we needed a 4c in Nike).

We've also been on the hunt for a good straw-cup. Evie is outgrowing her bottles, but she doesn't like sippy cups and neither she or I can get those stupid no-spill valved straws to work. Fortunately, we found this little Thermos cup with a travel lid and regular soft straw, and she loves it. We drink 6-7 oz of water a day thanks to this cup!


We're waiting on almost everything right now! Don't want to have a lot of extra stuff to move. We do have some fun pieces from Skip Hop on the way, though, and I can't wait to share how we step-up our bathroom game with them later this month!


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