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On Evie - Dress: Target | Shoes: Rising Star | Jacket: Baby Gap

You guys. I just realized this is officially the last month that my little lady's age is going to be reported in months! We're weeks away from my baby being a 1 Year old. Where on earth did the time go?

I have to say, the changes and milestones are coming faster and faster these days, and it's all I can do to kinda keep up...


More tired and more full of joy than I've been since those hazy newborn days. Between teething in her molars (yep, all four first molars are making a very early appearance), always wanting to be on the move (which means catching her and preventing as many bonks as possible), and needing to touch and talk about EVERYTHING... well, let's just says my days are full and I'm running on empty.

That being said, I've never enjoyed her more. She laughs constantly, wants to show me everything, is always asking for help to walk, to play, to investigate, and even started calling me "Mama" - swoon. I'm learning that I need to make space for myself to just slow down, and take the time to breathe, since I get so little breathing time with her. So, how's mommy? Tired, but so good.


  • Baby Lady

  • Extra Evie

  • Monkey-Ro


  • We now have 6 teeth top AND bottom. So. Many. Teeth.

  • We said our first word! On my birthday, Evie took my face in her hands, looked me in the eyes and said "Mama" with the biggest grin! She's since pointed to me and told her daddy that I'm "Mama". She's only said it twice, but both times were perfection!

  • She stands up on her own, with nothing to pull her up! No walking yet, but it's getting closer, and I'm not ready!


Evie loves drinking from straws, but can't figure out the soft ones - those just get bitten - or the valve ones - those make us mad. But we found these cups with short, hard straws. They're for 18+, so she only gets them sitting down and with my supervision, but she loves drinking water out of them, so I'm all for it. And we ended up getting a walking toy! The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. Evie LOVES it, and I can only stand it because she loves it! LOL. It's all the things I hate about children's toys: bright colors, loud noises, flashing lights... shoot me now. I just keep reminding myself it's a phase, and soon I can banish that thing from my living room forever! (but, truth be told, I secretly love how occupied it keeps her. She's engaged and giggly, and it frees up my hands for a few minutes, which I really value at this age!).


We finally ordered the Joovy Tricycoo, and I can hardly wait for it to come in! Evie laughed her way through the store when we tested it out a few weeks ago, and after spending so much time with G going "We could use the Tricycoo for this if we had it", we bit the bullet and hit "Order". I'll let you know what we think once we've had it for a bit, but one of the things that attracted us to it is that it coverts as Evie grows, and will eventually be a normal tricycle that she can ride on her own. Anything that grows with her - aka cuts down on the number of items we need over time - is a win in my "give me less clutter" book!

That's it for now... tune in next month for a MAJOR sob sesh as my baby turns one!!

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