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It's funny, but 33 has always been a *big* age in my mind... as in, one of the big, milestone birthdays. 30 was exciting for me to0 - my 30's represented, in my mind, the decade when no one could contest that I was a woman. Birthdays in my 30's have been so hit & miss - my 30th was full of unexpected scares and nothing going according to plan (we're talking a bad hair job, my precious puppy running away, and an epic wine country trip canceled), and my 32nd birthday was spent on bed rest, pumped full of medicines that made me feel terrible, trying/hoping to keep Evie.

And now, here is 33. Again, I don't know why, but 33 has always been an exciting age in my mind. I've somewhat loosely associated it with the birthday where your life path really starts to be clear/come to fruition. Crazy, but true...

So as I arrive at 33, I have some thoughts:


A move out of California, tough pregnancy, and becoming a mom all had me in such a whirl-wind of change/adjusting/coping that by the time I looked up almost 2 years later, I realized I had let too many of my priceless relationships slip through my fingers. How long has it been since I took the time to stop and just connect with one of the women who is dear to me? Too long. So, my birthday resolution is to create time to connect with at least one girl friend via text each day, and get an in person or face time meeting in once a week. I need my girls, and I've been much too distracted.

2) I'M A MOM???

I guess sometime in the last year, I carried & birthed the tiniest, sweetest, most joyful little lady, and changed from the independent, in-charge-of-my-schedule woman I was into someone who always has someone else to think of first. It's amazing, and exhausting, and I still don't think I'm doing it right. I hope.. and pray... that I can learn to be a mom more graciously. Learn to let go of the things that I can, and embrace the moments that require/demand my attention and presence, treating them as the precious little gems they are, because they're gone much too fast.


I run my own business, single-handedly, full time. I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I need to invest in my girl friends, my family, and myself. And it's hard to find the right mix of all those pieces. I'm still not sure what it is, when each thing seems to demand all my attention each week, but I want to figure it out. I need to. I pray that this year, I find it a bit more each week and learn what it means to be filled up so I can truly care for myself and others, while giving the business I love the attention it deserves.

I guess that's it! 33.... I have a feeling you're going to have a lot of change, a lot of growth, and a lot of little gems of moments. And I can't wait.

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