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My Shoes: Sam Edelman | Evie's Shoes: Sam Edelman | Evie's Sweater: Baby Gap | Evie's Headband: Baby Bling

Okay, she's growing up a little too fast! Evelyn is days away from crawling now (gah!), so baby-proofing is in full swing. We also snagged her the Joovy Spoon (which I talked about being a future purchase in last month's update!) and she's enamored. I can't believe how much better she walks and maneuvers it day after day, and she absolutely loves being able to stand up and manipulate toys on her own.


Overwhelmed? I think? I love her, but man is she opinionated and BUSY. Trying to find time for myself is getting harder, but I'm still managing it! I'm learning to let Evie play independently a little more, which helps, and I take the full 2 hours of gym daycare M-Th, which really makes a difference! I work out for an hour, and sip coffee and work on S&C for an hour. Outside of that, I'm trying to figure out what I can automate and what I want to be hands-on with. I *may* get into online shopping more... but we'll see... (I do love my Target runs...). Products I'm loving right now are my Dermalogica regime. Fresh, healthy skin makes me feel like all I need to do is be clean to be ready to go out, and Dermalogica does that for me. Every morning, I use their Daily Superfoliant, this Toner, and the Stress Positive Eye Lift. Then at night I start with the Pre-Cleans Balm (the mitt is my fav!), then use the Daily Superfoliant, the Toner, Stress Positive Eye Lift, and the Nightly Lip Treatment (whew!). Trust me, it takes longer to type that all out than to do it, and it makes a HUGE difference! I even have it all in travel size for when we go on vacay.


  • Monkey

  • Baby Lady

  • Evie Ro

  • Monkity


  • Eating like a CHAMP. Girl friend loves apples, sweet potato, pears, blueberries, peaches, squash, and puffs (puffs are LYFE!)

  • We are *this close* to crawling. Any.Day.Now.


I can't sing enough praises about this walker. The back wheels are rubber and ridged, so they grab and roll instead of sliding. It's also adjustable (three different height settings), has a very comfy padded seat, and Evie loves manipulating it. The wheels rotate easily, so even my little, lightweight lady can get it around effortlessly. Now that she can stand up, her two favorite toys are this monkey that sticks onto the tray, and her stroller buddy turned Joovy Toy. This toy dog by Skip Hop can play music, has crinkly ears, tons of chewing toys, and can be pulled out (since he's got a spring-shaped body) and bounces right back. At under $20, it's been well worth it for the amount of giggles it produces! Also, the Joovy comes in charcoal & white, and the Skip Hop dog is soft, neutral colors, which all make me very happy.

When it comes to clothes, we've had some fun shoes added to our collection! Her Nana and Papa gifted her this gorgeous pair of Rose Gold Michael Kors sneakers, and since my little lady's hair has settled into a glorious rose gold shade itself (aka strawberry blondie in the house!), it's fun matching her accessories to her hair. We also added some new Jumping Bean clothes to our wardrobe since we outgrew all our pants over Thanksgiving! I love these two-packs of harlem pants, and we snagged this graphic tee because the saying was just too perfect (and it was only $6!).


We need a highchair soon - Evie's just getting to big and twisty for the Bumbo to be safe off the floor for much longer - and I really like this one from Skip Hop. The price is right, it's easy to wipe down, I like the adjustable straps, and Evie was happy in it. I'm sure we'll add some new Freshly Picked moccs to the wardrobe this month too! I'm dying over this fawn pair, and also eyeing some fun metallics, like this rose gold pair!

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