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Let's face it: our furbabies can be just as important, loved, and part of the family as our human children! Until Evie made her debute, G and I spoiled our puppies like crazy (ok, we still do. I mean, Chloe has a custom sweater, so...).

Anyway. I wanted to round up some of my favorite giftables for the furry little lovies in your life!

First off, though, let me introduce mine!

This is Claire and Chloe. Claire is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Japanese Chin mix who became part of my life in Fall 2009, when I adopted her from a rescue. She was 9 months old, and had spent all 9 of those months being abused by a man. It was a long process, teaching her to trust again, but she has been so worth it! Claire's always at my feet, by my side, and is my most constant, loyal companion. (Side note: it took her and G around 8 months to warm up to each other when we started dating, but now Claire is a total daddy's girl!).

Chloe is a whippet, and we were on a waitlist to get her for almost a year before a litter with a girl we wanted came through. She became part of our family in September 2016, when I was just a few months pregnant with Evie. Chloe is the sweetest, most graceful looking but most derpy/awkward member of our family by far, and we ADORE her. I think my favorite part is how much she and Evie love each other. Nothing makes Evie smile like Chloe.

Okay, now we can dive into my pet picks!

One thing both my girls love is toys. Anything that can be tossed, tugged, or chased is a winner. I couldn't resist the new holiday offerings at Target this year! I especially love this adorable little penguin, the look on this gingerbread man's face, and the puppichino! I mean, our girls deserve a red cup too, right?!

While we now have Chloe and don't travel with our dogs any more, when it was just Claire, she went everywhere with us. I'm a big fan of anything coordinated, and quality over quantity, so my picks in the travel and leash category are from Henri Bendel, which also happens to be one of my favorite accessory brands. I mean, coordinated leashes, collars, and travel bags?! Sign me UP!

Finally, I love playful ceramics, and pet dishes are no exception. I love this food & water dish set, and the matching cookie jar is just too cute!

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