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On Evie: Moccasins: c/o Freshly Picked | Pants: Jumping Bean | Onesie: Jumping Bean

On Me: Shoes: Steve Madden | Jeans: Express | Sweater: Express | Sunnies: Le Spec

Y'all, when did my baby get so big?! This little monkey now has two teeth, sits up by herself, eats crackers, and growls when she's really happy. If she's not the center of attention, she'll stand up as tall as she can and make LOUD noises until you notice her, then erupts with gales of laughter. I'm absolutely loving watching her personality come out, and decided it was about time I shared more consistent/structured updates! So from here on out, once a month you'll get some fun pictures, an update on mom life, her current nicknames, milestones, our fav products, and a rundown on what items we're planning to purchase in the coming month!


I'm so good! I finally got over the hair-loss hump. I was *hoping* I wouldn't loose any since I had already lost instead of gaining during the pregnancy (#fun), but nope! I still lost a bunch of hair once I stopped breastfeeding. I'm not sure which product did it (I threw them all at the problem!), but within a month my hair started growing back in. I used Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides once a day post-workout (it also really helped with my muscle soreness!), Nioxin Shampoo, Conditioner, and Night Treatment, and the ItWorks Hair, Skin and Nails (I know - I hate how pushy they can be, too, but seriously, this little vitamin is the reason I was able to grow my super-fine hair to begin with. I had to stop taking it while pregnant b/c of the nausea, but adding it back in really boosted my hair growth & shine).


  • Chunkity Monketiy

  • Little Lady

  • Evie

  • Little Monkey

  • Beastie


  • Evie went from zero to two teeth in the space of two days!

  • First trip to Disneyland!

  • She now eats "crackers" (aka teething biscuits)


The Bumbo! We snagged one of these in grey instead of a high-chair, and it's been the perfect solution for our family at this stage. Evie plays in it, eats in it, and just generally loves sitting up in it. Win, win, win.

I also recently picked up the Beaba Cook, these silicon spoons, this freezer mold, and these under $1.00 bowls at Target since we're into solid food now! Everything works so well, is super easy to clean, and I love that I can get the soft blues and greens (I wish it was all grey and white.. but you know.. baby stuff. So I'll take the subtlest things I can find!)

In the clothing category, we really love our Freshly Picked Moccasins, Baby Bling Bows, and Baby Gap's fall clothing collection (we snagged this jean jacket and this puffer vest for our upcoming trip to New York).

When it comes to toys, Evie can't get enough of this pink elephant from Target (we call her Posey), this adorable stroller hedgehog by SkipHop, and her teething beads (she carries them EVERYWHERE). We also really enjoy the Baby Einstein Octopus. She loves the lights, we all love the classical music, and I love that it has two volume settings (thank you quieter sounds!).


Now that Evie's starting to get more interested in the world around her and mobility is becoming something she wants more and more of, we're looking at getting a Joovey walker (in grey, of course!). I'm also really interested in getting her some blocks and stacking rings so she can explore the concepts of "down" and "in" more on her own!

Love these updates? Want to see something different? Have questions I didn't answer? Let me know below!


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