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I've been slowly sharing my baby must have's over the past few weeks, but now that I know what we use on the regular, I wanted to do a round-up! That way you can find all my must-haves in one spot. Also, we took some amazing family portraits with my dear friend and the amazing photog behind the blog, Sofia of It's Sofia Emm, and this is the perfect excuse to give you a sneak peek! Come back on Friday for a family life update and the rest of the pics ;-)


Ok, really, just buy EVERYTHING Aden & Anais that you can. The sleep sacks. The burpy bibs. The cribs sheets. The cozy blankets. Because the quality is above and beyond the competition, and the prints are oh so fun. In all seriousness, even if it's all you can do, get 5-10 swaddles. We use them for everything. Blanket on the carpet. Emergency burp rag. Sun block. Wind block. Oh yes, and swaddling. I don't know what I'd do without my large arsenal.


I talked about my UppaBaby travel system here, so I won't go into detail, but let me just say: I've flown with this system. I've road-tripped with this system. We've brunched, zoo-dayed, and shopped 'til we dropped. This system is a lifestyle saver and probably the best $$ we spent getting ready for Evie.


I stick Evie in this with a view of trees, set it to the kangaroo setting at top speed, and she's quiet and happy for a good hour. This mama can shower, work on the blog.. basically whatever I need two hands and a non-wailing child to do. So worth the price.


I talked about the sock in a sponsored post, but I wanted to take the time to reiterate that I genuinely love this product. It gives me such peace of mind, and I actually sleep solidly while she's out. So I get a real 6-8 hour sleep EVERY NIGHT. With a two-month old. Have I convinced you that this is worth it's weight in gold yet? Because it is.


Again, chatted this one up in a post of it's own, but it's seriously amazing. Evie naps in it. I set her down in it when I need my hands quickly and want to know she's safe. She does tummy time in here, and it is awesome for pool-side lounging. One of the best things? Since it travels with us, she always has her same "bed" to sleep in, so we still sleep 6-8 hours, even when we travel!! That's a HUGE win in my book!


My amazing girl friends and fellow blog babes Roselyn and Sarah grabbed this system for me off my registry, and I'm in LOVE. It comes with adaptors for every type of pump, so it works with my manual Medela Harmony pump and my plug-in Spectra. It also works when I need to shake up a quick bottle of formula because Evie is ravenous and mommy is empty! Evie loves the nipples, and I love that they're the only thing I have to clean.


This is the second 4Moms product on my list for a reason! 4Moms is killing it with intuitive, easy-to-use products that are high-quality and simplify your life, and this playard is no exception. It opens and closes with one hand, and packs up into a perfect little rectangle. We have it set up in our room permanently right now, but I'm sure it'll move around a lot as Evie gets older!


It's a scarf. It's a nursing cover. It's a sun or wind shield. It's Evie's blanket when I forget one or need a second. It's basically the most versatile item in my diaper bag. It's also soft, comes in the best prints, and surprisingly affordable.


Babies drool. And spit-up. Like, a lot. And I quickly learned that, fi I didn't want to change Evie's outfit 5 times before leaving the house, she needed a bib. Thankfully, my girl friend Alice gifted me these bibs while I was waiting for Evie's arrival. They are super soft, really absorbent, and come in so many fun prints!


You know that dreadful shriek that happens when the baby drops the paci? We don't have that thanks to the Wubbanub. This genius contraption combines Evie's favorite paci (the Soothie) with a stuffed animal (she has the little lamb!) so that you can tuck, wrap, stuff - whatever - and keep the paci in place. As Evie gets older, it'll give her something to hold on to so she can keep her paci in place. We don't let her use it unsupervised right now because she's so bitty, but man does it help keep her quiet in the car seat, stroller, or Mamaroo!

That's it! I could keep going (our sound machine, my favorite footed onesies, the best bows...) but those are my top ten items! What are some of your favorites?

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