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I have to admit, this post has been even more fun this year, since it's G's first year as a dad. When I think about him, and fatherhood, a few words come to mind: Strong. Classic. Timeless. Authentic. Genuine. I see all these traits coming out in my man, and the ways he loves and relates to our little girl. So when picking items for this guide, I tried to go with items that reflected those words and integrated into G's life, providing moments throughout his day that remind him how much he's loved, and what an amazing father he is.

1 Fossil Q Smartwatch | 2 Ray-Ban Aviator | 3 The Art of Shaving Starter Kit | 4 Aqua de Gio |

5 Fossil DOP kit | 6 Bose Ear Buds & Speaker | 7 Custom Money Clip, Cuff Links, & Collar Stays

I love the travel bag because it will remind G of us while he travels. The custom clips, shave set, and cologne are all items G uses each morning, making them a great everyday way to show him we care. The Fossil Q is a great way to stay in touch and send love notes throughout the day. The Ray-Ban Aviators are a classic, and something every dad needs. And finally, the Bose sound items are a great way to say "we love you - now go unwind and take some me time". I can't wait to pick one and spend the weekend celebrating G!


#GiftGuide #FathersDay

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