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Until I became a mom, I didn't realize how difficult getting out of the house with a baby could be. Even less did I realize how involved all the steps were to get in, and out, of a vehicle to run errands or meet girl friends for coffee. In fact, I wouldn't be anywhere NEAR as mobile as I am just 6 weeks after Evie's arrival if it weren't for UppaBaby and the way their system effortlessly integrates into my busy life.

One of the ... challenges ... facing us once we realized we were going to be a family of three was how on earth we would fit a stroller and a car seat into my Mini Cooper (because, Reader, there's just no way this San Francisco city girl is upgrading to a big ol' truck just yet! I love my zippy little Mini-C way too much). I also knew I needed a system that would let me go essentially everything with just one hand, from putting the car seat in to and out of my car, snapping it on and off the stroller, and even pushing the stroller itself. Simplicity was key.

After hours of working with the amazing sales team at Buy Buy Baby in Houston, we found the only system that fit all my requirements: The UppaBaby Cruz stroller + UppaBaby Mesa car seat.

I love everything about this system. The car seat clicks on and off the stroller base with the push of a single button. It's easy to install. It fits behind the passenger seat of my Mini with room for a passenger still (!!!), and the stroller base collapses and pops open effortlessly. Not to mention that I can push the stroller one-handed without any stress or real effort on my part.

The stroller has a TON of room underneath for carrying everything (I do much of my shopping with it as my basket!), and the stroller seat, while for toddlers, has an infant insert that makes it simple to use as Evie grows into it.

Is the UppaBaby system one of the more expensive on the market? Yes, and for good reason. The quality, ease of use, and flexibility throughout Evie's stroller and car seat years make it the best high $$ investment we've made. As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions! (And, FYI, I was not compensated by UppaBaby in any way for this post! I just love these products SO MUCH!)

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