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This post is sponsored by Sarah Wells and contains affiliate links. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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It's the best, and the hardest, thing I've ever done. Everyone says it. It's so cliche.

And Reader, it's so true.

With the emotional and physical demands that being a mother brings, it makes sense to have quality products that 1) make everything you need to do easier and 2) help you still feel stylish and like yourself, even when you're rocking that mom bun for the third day in a row.

I always knew I wanted to do my best to give Evie breast milk, but I know myself - I need a break or I'll lose my mind. So before she even came, I picked out a breast pump and tossed it into a canvas bag. Which was a nightmare. My expensive pump was all over the place! I began to worry it might break. So I did some research, and found the pump bag that meets every single need: The Abby bag from Sarah Wells.

This bag has everything I need and plenty of space for all my non-pumping essentials too! I love the chic striped pattern and that it doesn't look like a pump bag! And the features are amazing. All Sarah Wells pump bags come with direct access pockets for your pump and accessories, thermally lined side pockets, is made of water proof (i.e. easy to clean!) materials, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

I've been using this bag actively since Evie's arrival, and I must say that I'm a fan. It is beyond easy to carry, use, and store my pump with all it's parts and accessories, and I have plenty of room for all my diaper bag essentials in the big zipper compartment.

If you're looking for a stylish bag to carry your own pump, or want to gift one of the best accessories she'll own to a mom (or mom-to-be), you can use promo code SIMPLICITY15 for 15% off your purchase at through August 31, 2017!

P.S. While I personally have been able to BF, I did supplement with formula as I waited for my milk to come in, Evie has a pacifier, and G gives her a bottle of pumped breast milk for her dinner/their bonding time every night. Basically, while I am promoting and LOVE my breast pump bag, I want you to know that you're AMAZING, Mama, no matter how you make it work for you and your little. #fedisbest

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