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What my days look like now (and I have to say, I don't mind!)

A few weeks (months?) ago, while we were listening to one of Pastor Jeremy's sermons, this phrase came up, and it really resonated with me.

You see, as a life + style blogger, it's always a balancing act. How much do I share? How do I share it? Where is the line between my personal and professional/public life? How do I stay authentic while keeping the right things private?

I think all bloggers wrestle with this, and we all come to different places that are right for us. A place where we can always be real with our followers while showing respect to the parts of and people in our life that need to remain out of the spotlight.

For me, this has really been something I think about lately with regards to Evie. I want to share her with you all (because she's adorable, and a huge part of my life for obvious reasons!) but I also want to give her the choice to be known on social media or to be private. For now, I've settled on sharing her with you through mommy & me content, and along side snaps and stories throughout my day. As she grows older, she'll have input into how she's shared on S&C, and what role (if any!) she wants to have on this platform.

I'm curious to hear from you, too! Did you wrestle with how much to share? Where did you land?

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