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This post is sponsored by DockATot and contains affiliate links. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Where to put the baby down safely.

This would have been one of my biggest dilemmas on a daily basis if it weren't for the DockATot. I LOVE this thing. It goes from room to room with me, and Evie takes all her naps in it.

It's also the way we have her sleeping in our room right now. We planned to have her start out in her crib right away (ah, the naivety of pre-parent life!) but she's so small that we had to adjust. Thank goodness for the DockATot! It's so easy to put Evie down in, and she'll sleep for up to four hours solid in it!

Word to the wise: grab several covers, because you'll definitely need to wash one and still want to use your dock in the meantime!

Is it a bit pricey? Yes. It is one of the more expensive baby items we have. But is it worth it? Every.Single.Penny. We use it so much that I can't imagine baby life without it. I'm even taking it with us to California in June!

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