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This post is sponsored by Lalabu Baby. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

For more about what a sponsored post is, please visit our FAQ page.

Two things you quickly realize as the mom of a newborn:

  1. They always want to be snuggled

  2. You now have zero free hands

As a blogger, having access to both my hands for typing is a BIG deal. I need to write posts, respond to emails, occasionally eat something... so when Lalabu Baby reached out to me about their Soothe Shirt, I was instantly intrigued and immediately send them my mailing address so I could give it a try.

Fast-forward a few weeks, and I can safely say that the Soothe Shirt is my favorite way to wear Evie, and her favorite way to get her snuggle on while mama works. I wear her around the house all the time, and it's the easiest way to take her grocery shopping (I can push the cart, grab items, and snuggle the happily sleeping baby?! #winning).

There are several things that went into the design of the Soothe Shirt to make it so perfect. It has a mesh panel underneath that keeps you cool while you wear your little copper top battery heat producer - I mean newborn. It also is a nursing top (YES!) so you never have to worry about how to BF your munchkin (or pump!) while on the go. Finally, it's well made, soft, and flattering. I feel good when I slip into this shirt, which is definitely a priority for me.

I love this shirt so much that I reached out to Lalabu and asked if we could do a giveaway! They said yes (woohoo!), so I'm thrilled to offer you the chance to win your very own Soothe Shirt via a $75 credit for All you need to do to enter is head to my Instagram (@simplicityandcoffee) and follow the instructions on the Giveaway image posted at 10AM today (May 1st)! Winners will be announced on Instagram Wednesday evening (May 3rd). Good luck!!

P.S. for more info on what size baby the shirt works with and how to wear your baby safely in the Soothe Shirt, visit the Lalabu FAQ page.

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