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If you search Pinterest, you'll find TONS of hospital bag inspiration. I had no fewer than 25 pins, with what I would need for me, dad, and baby all laid out. Weeks before Evie was born, I sat down at the table with G and we went through each and every pin (yes, my husband is a trooper and has the support thing down!) and created lists for mom, dad, and baby, along with a list for what we wanted to take to share with the nurses, what we wanted in the delivery room vs the longer stay room, and a check list of last minute items to pack! Yes, this Type-A lady had the whole thing down to a streamlined science.

But we still managed to overpack, and forget items. So today I'm sharing what we packed, what we used, what we were missing, and the one item you probably aren't thinking of that will make all the difference to your stay!


For myself, we packed toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hair ties, chapstick, lotion, face wash & moisturizer, body wash, and shampoo), casual makeup (my no-makeup face includes this mascara, tinted moisturizer, brow pencil, and bronzer. Having my face on when we left made me feel human!), some comfy clothes (a nursing tank, sweat shorts, and a beautiful robe from PinkBlush made me feel so much better than just wearing the hospital gown once the IV was removed), and entertainment (for me, that was my laptop and my nook fully loaded with all the Harry Potter books).

For G, we packed several sets of loungewear, sneakers, flip flips, toiletries, and lots of tech (iPad, bluetooth speaker, macbook, movies).

For Evie, we had a going home outfit, the baby book and her fully loaded diaper bag!

I also had an extra (empty) bag for Hospital SWAG, my pump (so I could learn to use it!), and a cooler full of snacks for us and the nurses.


I forgot my razor, and my pumping bra! I also wished I had thought to bring . And G? Well, let's just say he got creative with ways to re-wear a single set of boxers! I also wish I had packed more newborn onesies for Evie, especially the drawstring bottom sleepers. The hospital stuff just wasn't warm enough for her, resulting in a double-blanket swaddle.


Honestly, the nurse snacks and multiple outfits for me were the two biggest unnecessary space occupiers. I also didn't really need a fully loaded diaper bag for Evie. I could have left that whole thing at home and just brought a few onsies in my bag. I brought the baby book to do footprints, but honestly they gave me a paper with them at the hospital, and I can do my own prints at home if I still want to, so I would leave the baby book at home.


Pick something not necessary that makes you happy, and bring it! For my girl friend Alice of Lonestar Looking Glass, it was a string of christmas lights! For me, it was a deck of cards. For G, it was the bluetooth speaker. Something that you don't need but just want for fun makes the whole experience feel a little more lux, which is always a good thing when you've got a few days in a hospital room!

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