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Dress: c/o Ingrid & Isabel | Shoes: Steve Madden | Sunnies: Henri Bendel | Watch: Guess | Bag: c/0 Coach

Home-freakin-stretch, y'all! I am so excited that baby girl could literally show up any day and it would be okay! I'm really hoping for an April baby, so come on Evie! Mama's ready for you!

Honestly, I'm so ready to not be pregnant. And Evie is looking great! At her ultrasound last Tuesday she measured 18" and 5lbs 8oz! Right on track for weight and height. My OB thinks she'll be around 7-7.5 lbs full term, which is perfect for this mama! No big babies, please! She also apparently has quite the head of hair according to the ultrasound tech. I can hardly wait to see what color it is!


Ready to meet Evie! Ready to not be pregnant. Ready to start my journey back to my pre-pregnancy body. Although, if I'm being real, I'm looking forward to making my post-pregnancy body the best it can be, because we all know there is no going back - not really. It surprises me how tired I get most days! And the nausea. I have food aversions and morning sickness again, and (apparently) I now snore, so poor G is starting to be more tired than usual, too!


Nothing! I actually don't want to eat anything, thanks to the nausea. I can still manage apples with lemon, oranges, and the occasional salad, but by and large, eating is a chore.


Being touched! I'm big. I'm uncomfortable. I'm sore. I'm tired. I'm HOT. Just don't touch, brush, rub, etc. any part of me (unless it's a foot massage. I'll always take one of those!).


This list is getting shorter as my discomfort level grows. I'm starting to focus a lot more on post-partum and things for Evie. But I do have a few new lifesavers! I picked up some lidocane numbing cream, and that makes a WORLD of difference for my ribs, since Evie has torn the connective tissue that holds them together in the middle and keeps dislocating the bottom two on my right side. Numbing cream makes life bearable. I also FINALLY have my new, smaller, leather Coach Rogue bag, and she's so so pretty! I can't stop carrying her.

For Evie, I'm really excited about all my Aden & Anais products. The muslin is so soft, and so pretty. G and I also got to finish purchasing everything off the registry this past weekend, which was so fun! I think I'm most excited about the Uppababy carseat and stroller, and all our 4Moms products.


Not being pregnant and finally meeting Evie face to face. I also can hardly contain my excitement to see G hold her for the first time. He's already the best partner, and such an excited daddy-to-be. The moment when he holds her for the first time... well, that will be priceless.


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