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Dress: c/o Pink Blush | Long Necklace: Similar| Short Necklace: Kate Spade | Watch: Guess

What a different week! For starters, G was out of town, so my lovely mama came to stay with me for a few days while he traveled. We made enough freezer meals to last a month (!!!), re-organized my kitchen, and enjoyed a shopping trip (or three!). Then G came home Friday and our weekend was full to the brim. After having our dining room furniture delivered, we went to Galveston for the first time on Saturday (the ocean and amazing fish tacos at Nick's made this girl's DAY), and had planned to spend Sunday in City Center shopping for dining room decor after church, but Claire got out of the yard and ran away! Thank goodness for Chloe being too big to sneak out too, and for our Whistle Pet Tracker. We were able to follow the real time GPS right to our errant fur baby and everyone ended up home safe and sound. We spent the rest of the day repairing the fence and finished off with FroYo before G took off again, this time for San Antonio. Whew!


Good. BIG. Tired. I know I'll feel differently once she's here (because, I know myself, and she'll drive me CRAZY sometimes), but I keep feeling and saying that I can't wait to meet Evie. I just want to hang out with her! LOL. While I am absolutely adoring and cherishing these last few easy moments as just G and I, part of me really ached to have Evie in her stroller while we explored Galveston. It feels good to be excited for that.


It varies so wildly! Whereas in earlier stages I had long-lasting craving categories, now I have no real appetite until something hits, and then I REALLY want it. For example, I recently had an "I could die if I don't eat them NOW" craving for Strawberry Pop-Tarts. How random is that? Usually, though, my craving is just for something fresh. I want salads, and big veggie loaded sandwiches, and the like.


Being touched for extended periods of time. I hug or a snuggle are fine, but the dog wanting to lay on me? NO-FREAKIN'-WAY.


Lately, I'm all about the shoes. They have to be stylish and comfortable. I find myself living in these Steve Madden platforms, adoring these wedges, and did you know that Sperry makes sneakers? I had no idea, until I found this pair, and now I can't stop living in them (true story: they're more comfortable than my Nike's). I picked them up in the grey/pink combo, and they run TTS.


Next week we have our final ultrasound before she makes her appearance, and I am looking forward to seeing her again before we actually SEE her. I'm also looking forward to not being pregnant. I can NOT wait to drink a dirty martini, eat a BIG sub sandwich, consume a dozen oysters, finish several glasses of red wine, and actually be still when I am sitting down to relax. Ahhh.


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