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This post was 8 months in the making. I've gone through first, second, and am a month or so into my third, so I finally feel equipped to share a handful of pregnancy must-haves. These are the things that have made such a difference in my pregnancy that I would strongly encourage any and every pregnant woman I know to invest in them.


Get yourself this pregnancy pillow as quickly as possible. I started sleeping with mine around week 12, and it is the reason I still sleep *almost* through the night at eight months (because, let's be real, I wake up for 1-2 bathroom trips a night.. but fall right back asleep thanks to this pillow!). The support this pillow offers in bed or on the sofa is second to none. Seriously. This pillow isn't a luxury. It is a need.


Yes, plural. I have one in black and one in white, and I wear them as tops and under everything. The strain even a few pounds of baby puts on your back and hips is insane. These are a chic, sleek way to give your hips, back and belly the support they need. I love them because not only do they look good on their own, but they are slim enough to fit under anything you want to wear, giving you the support you need without a bulky pregnancy belt. Yes, at $72 each they're pricy. I still say get them, even if they're the only maternity piece you invest in. The pain relief they provide is worth.every.penny.


Nothing relieves the aches and tension of my preggo body like a nice, warm bath. I'm especially in love with the Lush Milk & Honey Bath Bomb, the Lavender and Epsom Salt soak from Dr. Teal's, and anything from Village Naturals Therapy. I also have a bath caddy that makes it easy for me to read or do Sudoku while I soak and stretch for 15-20 minutes. Baths are THE BEST.


Between first trimester morning (aka all effing day) sickness and exhaustion, and the fatigue that comes with third trimester, having an endless supply of movies and TV shows to binge is invaluable (or at least well worth the $9.99 fee).


The fatigue is real. I always scoffed at it, and now having experienced it, I take back all the "just push through" thoughts I ever had. There are some days I just can't lift my arms for the required 30-45 minutes to wash and dry my hair. I've tried (and hated) many dry shampoos, so when I tell you I LOVE the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, you can trust I've done the legwork. It has a very light scent, which is great since I hate it when products complete with my perfume. It also doesn't leave a residue, or any white powder (and I've got dark-ish brown hair). I just part my hair in a few places, spray it in, massage it gently, and let it sit for 5 minutes before brushing it through. I can add a day or two between washes thanks to it.

That's it! There are a lot of other products I love and use, but those are my top 5 Must-Haves. Did you have anything that was on your must-have list?

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