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I wondered if I'd ever reach this phase, but we're there: the EVERYONE wants to talk about my belly/pregnancy phase. I suppose I should be thrilled that it took 30 weeks to get there, because that means only 10 more weeks (+/- two weeks or so) of the 20-something male grocery store clerk asking if I could detail the aches/pains of each stage so he can tell his girlfriend what to expect, or the fast food workers handing me my Chicken Fries with a knowing smile and the "When a craving hits you can't help it!" comment.

Thankfully, only one person I'm not close to has touched my belly, and I managed to not offend them, though I was very startled! I think my habitual RBF usually keeps most of those at bay ;-)


Lots of Braxton Hicks, kicking, and a little trouble sleeping as a result. I *think* my 15" long, 3 lb child may be sunny side up, because whenever I get BH, I get nasty, pulsating back pain. 1-2 nights each week I'm up because of the pain and Evie's wiggles in between. I try to use the time to pray, so it's at least productive! Other than that, I'm so excited to be counting down the final weeks. I'm almost ready for her to be here!


Red meat! Give me all the burgers and steaks! I'm assuming it means my body wants more iron, so I've started working supplements back into my diet. They still make me nauseous, but no where near as bad as first trimester, so hopefully they help bring my energy level back up!


Still not feeling eggs or avocados. Not super into anything sugar (except pastries) now either. Other than that, just a general "not hungry" feeling prevails.


I'm starting to add some seriously amazing Evie things to the nursery as the decorating finishes and the filling-up begins! One of my favorite additions are the pieces from the Aden and Anais Shibori collection. They are, hands down, the softest and prettiest blankets, bibs, swaddles, and sleep sacks I have! I die every time I snuggle them, and can't wait to wrap Evie up in them! I have them in Pebble (love my neutrals!) but the berry and indigo are beautiful options too if you love color!


It's my birthday on Thursday! G and I decided to do a stay-cation at the house, and finish up organizing the kitchen in preparation for Evie. I can't wait to have that space in streamlined, working order with all her pieces fit into my cupboards and drawers. It's going to feel amazing, knowing that one more space is ready for our little lady. I'm also excited to be home but not be cooking or doing dishes! What a thrill!


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