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I can't believe how very pregnant I feel! I also can't believe how few people realize I'm pregnant until I turn sideways! It just goes to show that how I feel isn't necessarily how I look! I still have waiters offering me wine when G and I go out and I'm like "Seriously?! Can you not see my GIGANTIC belly?!" And the truth is, I guess not! I still look pretty normal from the front in most things, and for that I'm grateful!

G and I are in Austin this week, so I'm enjoying not cooking or doing dishes (YAY!), some of my favorite shopping, and finding some new restaurants to try. We love spending time in this city! Feel free to reach out with any recommendations!


Mostly good, and still a lot more like myself, which is awesome. Evie is around 15" long and 2.5-3.5 lbs, and I can tell! It's getting a bit crowded in there for her, especially since I'm already such a tiny mama, and her kicks have gone from fun to exhausting, especially when she won't settle for hours and hours.... and hours! I usually sleep with no trouble thanks to my Snoogle (worth.every.penny. Get one if you're pregnant), but between the non-stop wiggles and some pretty painful braxton hicks that have lasted for up to 14 hours, sleep is sometimes elusive for the entire night, and I'm not thrilled about this mini "preview".

She gets hiccoughs a few times day, too, so between those, the kicking, and the BH, my tummy muscles are constantly being expanded and contracted, and I'm SORE and ACHY and TIRED. .... and yet somehow still thrilled that in 77 days (give or take 14 on either side!) I get to meet this little wiggly monster.


Reader, my most consistent craving is so gross: Dots. You know. Those gummy candies? I want them ALL THE TIME, and I almost die from happiness when I eat them. ... and EWWW. I don't think I've wanted... or enjoyed them... since I was like 9. Pregnancy is weird.


This is a sad category! Right now, food in general. Any time I eat, I get nauseous. No where near what first trimester was, but the sick tummy is back every time I eat, no matter what I eat (except Dots). I'm making a more concerted effort to eat small and healthy, but it's tough to eat when I really don't feel like it. My most particular aversions right now? Eggs and Avocados! Which is so weird, because I normally LOVE avocados.


First off, a few things just for mama: I added the Coach 1941 Rogue in grey suede to the family over the weekend, and I'm so in love! I saved and waited for a few months to bring her home, and I am so glad I did! I also picked up this dress from Express (currently on sale for less than $50!) for my baby shower (stay tuned for a post later this month!). I love how adorable it looks on my bump, how soft it is, and that I was able to snag it in my pre-pregnancy size (xs), meaning I can continue to wear it well after Evie makes her appearance!

As to baby things, I am so excited to try the Kiinde Twist system, which my boos Sarah and Roselyn picked up for me this past week! I'm planning to exclusively pump once Evie is here, and this system looks so simple! You can pump directly into the storage bag thanks to all the pump adaptors Kiinde offers, and the bag simply twists into the bottle form, which means after Evie eats, I can toss the bag and just have to wash the nipple. Freakin' Brilliant. (Also, can you believe I'm talking about bottles and breast pumps!? Who am I right now!? Becoming a mom is weird).


Meeting Evie! But not looking forward to hearing her! Having her inside is exhausting, but at least I don't have the screams to accompany the constant wiggles and sleepless nights. On a lighter note, I'm looking forward to clothes shopping for E, my birthday weekend with G (we're taking a LONG weekend together!), traveling some more in March, and just enjoying our last handful of weeks as a family of two.

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