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I can finally see the light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel. And while part of me doesn't want to ever leave the convenience of having Evie in a quiet, portable little package, part of me can't WAIT for a dirty martini, oysters, sushi, several glasses of my favorite red wine, and a big sub sandwich!

We picked up our stroller this weekend, and that's when $#!% got real for us. I mean, we own a STROLLER. Who are we!? It was exciting and a bit scary all at the same time.

While I know motherhood will be totally different from being only a wifey, there are a few things I can't wait for. So, instead of doing the usual questions today, I thought I'd share a list of a few things I'm thrilled for and some things I'm dreading once Evie makes her appearance.


  • I am thrilled to be able to hit the gym and push myself not only to, but past, my limits again. Pregnancy has meant that I have to carefully gauge my limits and take it back a few notches when working out so I don't overly stress myself (I pushed myself a few times and ended up sick and bed-bound for the next 1-2 days because of it, regrettably learning my lesson the hard way). I can't wait to kick my own butt and see again that my limits are more perception than reality.

  • I can't wait to enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with my husband on Friday nights. It was part of our weekend tradition to split a bottle and listen to our favorite Pandora station while chatting about the week and dreaming about the weekend when he got home from work, and I'm so ready to start incorporating that again.

  • I am so excited to meet this little girl! This bouncy, wiggly, little bundle of mine... what will she be like? What will she look like? Who will she be? I wouldn't have thought I'd feel this way, but I do, and I'm grateful.


  • G and I have to learn to be more than kind... we have to learn to be loving and supportive and engaged with each other on virtually NO SLEEP. If that's not the stuff of nightmares, I don't know what is.

  • I'm going to be a complete and literal mess. Physically and emotionally. And still required to function and engage with other human beings in a rational, loving way. Gah.

  • Other people have SO MANY OPINIONS! I hate conflict, and with what I've experienced during pregnancy and the few comments I've had regarding my "Plan A" parenting style.... let's just say there are a few highly visible road bumps and detours coming up in some close relationships, and I am NOT excited about them in the least.

In the meantime, I'm thoroughly enjoying finishing the nursery and hunting for some 3rd trimester clothing items that will make me feel beautiful and comfortable as we finish this thing out! We have a lot of things coming up this month, including my baby shower, a stay-cation in Houston, a long trip to Austin, and my birthday weekend! I've been eyeing a few pieces to round out my closet, as it's starting to get warm and humid here, and I've linked them below! I especially want to snag a cute pair of maternity shorts, a flattering fitted dress, and a killer flowy maxi.

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