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Happy Tuesday, Reader! I know this post is rolling out late, but I wanted to be sure to share another anti-human trafficking organization with you during #HTAwareness month.

This time, I'm highlighting Two Wings, a Los Angeles-based group that I first became aware of through working with Megan of Louise & Eleanor.

Two Wings works to empower survivors of sex trafficking through helping them identify and pursue their dream vocation. This happens through mentoring programs, life skills classes and career training workshops, creating the path for a life of financial and physical independence.

I love that the people at Two Wings recognize the need for Hope. Those who are rescued from this horrible industry don't just need a place to stay that's safe - they need tools that help them believe they can survive and have a new life outside of the hell they've known. Two Wings has fully embraced this, and it's one of the reasons I love their ministry.

Two Wings has some great ways to get involved on their website. You can also support them through Louise & Eleanor! L&E donates a percentage of every bag sold to charity organizations, and Two Wings is among them! With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I would encourage you to consider gifting an L&E bag, which furthers the message of hope and worth that is an integral part of love.

Thanks for taking the time to read! As always, reach out with any questions!! I love to interact with you guys.


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