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You guys, Evie is big and wiggly!! I don't always appreciate the kicks, but one of my favorite things to do before I drift off to sleep is lie with my hands on my belly, feeling her little bumps and wiggles. Sometimes, she presses up against my belly so firmly that you can see (and feel!) outlines of bums, legs, and arms! It's so amazing, and so bizzare.


Achy and big, and emotional! G helps me remember that none of that is invalid, because every day I am the biggest I've ever been, but it's still hard to figure out how to dress this body and feel pretty, because the me I spent the last 31 years learning to love is not the me in the mirror each day, or even the me in the mirror from the day before! I also think that, as the nursery is coming together and my belly is becoming so undeniably present, the reality that I am a mom is setting in, and I'm not entirely sure how to be a mom, let alone a good one! But I *think* that's normal, and I'll figure out how this new part of me fits into the old me with time.


White Sugar! How horrible is that?! I want birthday cake, and Oreos, and those sugary-waffer cookies that come in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate! Pregnant-me is turning into a teenager. I still let myself indulge in one sugary thing a day, but other than that try to come up with substitutes. I can say that, while not perfect, vanilla greek yogurt with a squirt of whipped cream and some sprinkles almost kills the birthday cake craving. Almost.


I've always hated chewing sounds, and lately that feeling is on overdrive! I want to KILL THE DOGS whenever they lick, chew, bite, or do anything that causes that wet, slappy, smacky horror. Fortunately, I can usually drown it out with white noise (I listen to Coffivitiy a lot!) or just leave the room and let the dogs lick their treats... or whatever else they insist on licking.... in solitude.


Bath soaks! I'm so achy these days. I especially love the Dr. Teals Sooth and Sleep, and anything from Village Naturals Therapy (specifically crushing hard on the Aches and Pains, Tension, and Sleep formulas). G also picked up an amazing bath caddy for me, so I like to sit and either play Sudoko or read a chapter of the Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy (so funny and so informative without being overwhelming or scary!) while I relax (and yes, I keep it warm not hot!!).


I picked up some material to make bandana bibs (see the pic above!), and I am looking forward to sitting and quietly sewing a few things for Evie. I've always loved to sew, and love that I can make something that is uniquely hers (she won't see any other babies wearing her fashion!).

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