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The days are flying by but the weeks are feeling longer. Nesting has seriously set in, and I need to clean ALL THE THINGS! (Seriously, I went through 4 Magic Erasers to get our oven back in pristine condition, and while it took a lot of elbow grease and a good hour, it's sparkling!). I'm also deep into nursery decor mode, and we have all the furniture now (I only had one serious breakdown in Buy Buy Baby over the rocking chair... which led to a decision to grab this chair at World Market, and I'm obsessed! Best choice ever), and I'm working on wall storage and decorating. It's so fun to walk upstairs and spend time in the room. It makes motherhood, and Evie, seem more real.


Lots of kicks! Evie is now around 1.5-2.5 lbs and 11-14 inches long! She definitely makes her presence known. Any time I eat, she gets SUPER wiggly. She especially likes Mexican food (or so I assume, because it makes girlfriend have a straight up party in there!). Hormones are coming on strong this week, and I've had a few really down days. It helps knowing that the feelings are stronger because of the hormones, and that they're temporary.


Berries! Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries! Just give me ALL the berries!! I also can't get enough goat cheese and walnuts. I put berries and walnuts on yogurt or apples with goat cheese and walnuts for a snack most days.


I feel at a loss for what to do with down time, which I desperately need since my body gets really tired most days. I've taken up Sudoku again, which I'm loving, but could use some good book and TV series to binge watch suggestions!


I finally found some comfy loungewear that doesn't make me look even bigger! Target just released some new joggers and sleep shorts, so I snagged a few pairs of both. The best part is they're stretchy and have a draw-string, so they should fit me all the way through post-partum! #winning. I also really love the nursery stuff we've bought so far (I'll do a dedicated post on that once it's all decorated!). Finally, Knox & Rose at Target has some pieces that are FANTASTIC for pregnancy. Lots of loose elastic waist jogger/cargos (so cute for spring!) and tops with empire waists, which show off the bump!


So many things right now! G and I have an amazing V-day weekend planned, my Houston baby shower is on the horizon, and we've started finalizing details for the Babymoon!


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