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Today is the day before my California baby shower! I'm so excited for the chance to celebrate Evie with friends and family. I wish I could say this week has been fantastic, but it's been a tough one for this mama. Seeing my family, going to Disneyland, and celebrating Christmas, along with all the traditions I grew up with, has been fantastic. Unfortunately, between the traveling and the cold, rainy day at Disney, this mama caught a nasty cold, and I've been blah since Wednesday because of it. Looks like I made a turn for the better today, though, so I'm hoping to be close to 100% by the time we fly home later this week.


Uncomfortable! I didn't realize Evie would go from cute little kicks to cramp-inducing flips so quickly. While I"m not in any real pain as long as I change positions (walk, sit, lie down) throughout the day to move her around, her movements are no longer thrilling. With the cold, I'm just generally tired and grouchy, too. Fingers crossed that a lot of last weeks positivity returns as this cold departs!


Not a whole lot this week. Citrus and Sweets still sound best, but I could honestly go all day without wanting to eat if the hunger pangs didn't get to me!


How much attention I have to pay to drinking water, changing positions, and peeing regularly (even if I don't feel like I have to go! I waited too long at Disney and was in some surprisingly serious pain!). Caring for a body that is focused on caring for someone other than me is more work than I knew it could be.


I just got this Kate Spade Diaper Bag for Christmas, and I'm so thrilled! I knew it was the bag I wanted long before I got pregnant, and having it in my hands, knowing it's going to be packed up for Evelyn, is pretty fantastic. I'm also thrilled by this tub caddy that G got me. The bath is the only place that I feel truly comfortable these days, and it will be so nice to not worry about dropping my nook in the water anymore!


The baby shower! It's going to be so good to celebrate with some of my oldest friends and just enjoy being in my community.

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