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I love seeing how God weaves threads of our lives into a more and more cohesive whole as the years go by. If you've been with me for a while, you know that fighting Human Trafficking is a cause very close to my heart (see more about that here). It's something God has been slowly making a part of my purpose since 2008, and this past weekend at church He brought another piece that I thought was becoming a part of my past into my present.

The A21 campaign is an anti-human trafficking organization that I have been actively involved with since 2009. One of the things I L-O-V-E about A21 is that they don't only provide support to the women who have been rescued; they also actively employ a team of lawyers who prosecute the criminals who perpetrate this horrendous act. I love that God is using them both as a conduit for His redemption and His justice.

The church G and I attend here in Houston is Hope City, and in December the church focuses on a project they call Heart for the House, which is an initiative to give above and beyond the usual tithes and offerings to provide focused support to a specific organization or ministry. This year's Heart? The A21 Campaign.

I almost cried when Pastor Jeremy announced it. I love A21, but had been looking for local human trafficking campaigns to support here in Houston. The fact that God brought an organization and a cause so dear to me right to our church in Houston is just another illustration of His goodness and loving plan for each of us.

I want to encourage you, Reader, to spend some time checking out The A21 Campaign and consider supporting them in their efforts. I had the privilege of working for A21 when G and I lived in Newport Beach, and personally spent time with Nick and Christine Cain. They are an amazing couple, and God is actively using them to save and redeem lost women.

I would love to talk with any of you regarding questions about Heart for the Home or A21, and I hope to start spending more time focusing on organizations like this whose hearts match mine: reaching women with the message that they are precious, they are beautiful, they are loved, and they are worthy.

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