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Last week was a tough week. Since I'm feeling better, I started being up on my feet more hours each day, and am paying for it with some intense lower right hip pain and a seriously grouchy mood. On the plus side, Evie is growing like a weed! She's now the size of a large pomegranate, and all those bits and pieces my body worked so hard to form in the first trimester are continuing to grow and mature.


Angry, mostly. I hate that I can't do normal things I could pre-pregnancy, like clean my whole house in an afternoon, without my body going to shambles and paying for it for days, or brush my teeth without throwing up (how counter-productive is that?!). I'm trying to combat it by sitting in the moments where I feel Evelyn flutter and just enjoying the feel of her before she's too big to kick my ribs black and blue.


Nothing in particular, which is another source of grouchiness! I don't feel like eating at all, but still have to eat or I get sick. Okay, I do have these instantaneous, weird cravings for different fast foods, but I usually ignore them (but just usually. Sometimes, that one taco from Taco Bell is totally worth it).


Just about everything right now! My boobs are too big. My jeans are too small. My headache that shows up every day at 1:30. Throwing up when I remove my retainer. Throwing up when I blow my nose. Throwing up when I brush my teeth. .... it goes on and on (see? seriously grouchy).


I am loving that I can work out again, but this bump of mine outgrew my workout pants! So I've upgraded to the comfiest pair of maternity Yoga leggings (truth time: I wear them IRL, too) and I found a pair of ankle-length skinny jeans that are maternity from Target that fit like a comfortable glove. I'm definitely crushing on them both right now.


My 20 week ultrasound! I know it's still quite a ways away, but I had so many complications during my first trimester that I saw Evie almost every other week for the first 14 weeks! I know she's there and growing (I can see and feel the evidence!) but I miss seeing her wiggle and stretch, and am seriously looking forward to seeing her again.

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