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Four months down! Evie is now the size of an Avocado (mind blowing when I think that she started as a dot I could barely see on the ultrasound screen!) and she can actually hear my voice when I talk. I imagine she'll be able to hear music soon, too, so I've been making sure to play her LOTS of the good stuff. We're on a Bon Jovi/Classic Rock kick right now.


I'm feeling pretty good lately, and I'm excited that I can actually see my bump now on the regular. I'm well into second trimester symptoms, which means I've traded all day vomiting for morning only vomiting (what a way to wake up!), bloody gums and noses, and an afternoon migraine that comes around 1:30 PM and stays until I hit my night-time turning-into-a-pumpkin routine of getting so itchy (I pop two benadryls nightly), making ridiculous, corny jokes, and finally dissolving into sullen, grouchy, two-year-old fits until I fall asleep around 9PM (my husband is a saint).


Not much lately. Nothing sounds particularly good, so I'm trying to just be really healthy in my choices and eat lots of veggies and healthy fats. I'm starting to be able to handle chicken again in small quantities, which is good! And I ALWAYS want dessert!


I don't think I have any particularly strong aversions right now, which is a nice change!


My newest obsession is Decorte, a Japanese beauty line that is finally available in the states (right now they're exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue). I will definitely be devoting a whole post to this soon, and you can count on me gushing about it via Snapchat (@simplicityandco), but the gist of it is that they use water that isn't denatured, so it has the minerals your cells need to rebuild and repair themselves! Pregnancy kicked my skin's figurative butt, but these products have brought it back to better than it was pre-baby. My favorites are the Environmental Day Cream, the Overnight Performance Cream, and the Vi-Fusion Essence. Go to Saks and try them yourself. You'll be so hooked. (Here's a link to find your nearest Saks. I'm serious. This stuff is amazing).


Christmas Shopping! Okay, I know it's early, but we're doing Christmas at Thanksgiving with G's family, so I get to grab a peppermint white mocha in a holiday cup and spend HOURS browsing Target with Christimas music playing. How is that not every girl's dream?!


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