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I love to cook. For a while, I was even posting recipes on the blog. But soon I realized my focus was spread to thin here, and that I liked having the creative space in the kitchen to just create without the pressure to take pictures and produce content. That being said, I can't ignore one of the biggest cooking days of the year! I love Thanksgiving. So much so that, since we're going to be in Ohio for the actual day this year, we're having our friends Kristy (from Naturally Classique) and her husband Mark over next Friday for a Friendsgiving so I can still cook my favorite meal of the year!

It seems that at our age there's a lot of Friendsgivings that happen, since we're married and have all moved around the country and many of us are away from family. So I wanted to round up some of my favorite side dish recipes for you, to give you some inspiration for dishes to make at home or bring to a friend!


This recipe from Tyler Florence is The twist that makes these so brilliant? He cooks the potatoes in the cream, butter, and herbs.


I love the deviation from the standard canned (read: mushy) beans to using these fresh ones! And bonus? This recipe uses bacon: get it here.


I grew up with the canned yams covered in golden baked marshmallows (yum!), but think this casserole twist looks delectable.


I grew up eating the canned variety, but became more adventurous once I hit high school and started to fall in love with the kitchen. Now I look for a new twist each year, and love this round-up of recipes by Brit + Co.


Looking for something unexpected? Brit + Co did it again, with this list of 15 sides that are anything but expected.

I hope that sparks your creativity!! Do you have any side dish recipes you love? Send them my way! I'm always looking for something new!

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