Every now and then a woman will shine like a beacon through the clouded mess that is our normal lives and be forever be engrained in your mind as the woman you want to strive to be. You know the ones, the Joanna Gaines of this world. The women who seem to have it all together. By “together” I mean they seem to have all their life details wrapped in a Martha Stewart worthy package served with perfectly paired wine and exotic cheese. Their children are wearing the latest fashions and well-behaved (of course). Maybe they have a house that could be featured on HGTV and a back yard that is void of even the slightest whisper of a weed. Oh, and while they give you a tour they of course look like they walked out of a J-Crew catalog and are just slightly behind schedule for the photoshoot they must be dressed for.

These women are rare and I am willing to bet my current cup of coffee (If you know me you know that this is a serious bet) you would NEVER count yourself among them. You could NEVER have a house like theirs, a yard as beautiful, or heaven forbid pull off that stunning outfit they always seem to throw together.

What initially draws you to these women may be their clothes, hair, shoes, house, etc. but I would argue what keeps these women in your mind- what cements these women in your eye as someone to look up to- is the sight of a woman who walks in freedom. A woman who is unbound by human constraint.

Free from comparison.

Free from the weight of judgement.