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Do not relinquish the responsibility that God has placed on your heart.

Several weeks ago, Pastor Jeremy made this statement in a sermon, and it has stuck with me. I talk about, and think about, why I write and shoot and blog and share, frequently. I talk about my passion for equipping and empowering women. My desire that all women see themselves as they truly are, and the call I feel to be a voice that God uses to speak His message of beauty and worth into other's lives. My passion. My calling. My heart.

But lately, God has been telling me that there is so much more at stake. My obedience is at stake. This isn't just something I'm passionate about, or invested in. This is my responsibility. God has called. I am responsible for following. There's a weight there that I had been overlooking. I am not just called to this. I am RESPONSIBLE for my response to it.

Knowing this, I can do one of two things: faithfully carry out the responsibility He has placed on my heart, or relinquish it. Let go of it. Choose not to obey. Choose to be unfaithful.

When God lays a responsibility, a calling, on your heart, you always have a choice. Faithfulness or faithlessness. There is no middle ground. You obey or you disobey. You follow or you flee. You hold fast or you relinquish.

I want to encourage you today, dear Reader, to hold fast to the calling God has placed on your heart. Don't let go. He has so much for you; you need only hold tightly to His hand and refuse to let go. Refuse to give up. Refuse to relinquish.

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