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All photos in this post courtesy of Hacienda Cocina Y Cantina

One of my favorite things about traveling is the food! I love to cook, and (not to brag, but) am quite good at it, but I still love to find a place that does something so well that I don't even want to re-create it at home. I just want to pay them to place that perfection in front of me so I can stick it in my mouth!

Hacienda Cocina Y Cantina is definitely one of those places. This was my second trip to Cabo, and, not surprisingly, also my second trip to HCyC. The combination of food and atmosphere will keep us coming back here for years to come.

First, the atmosphere. The restaurant is located on the water by Land's End, and has the choice of these cozy patio tables (my fav!) or a spot right on the sand:

They also provide blankets for everyone who gets cold half-way through sunset (like me!).

Okay, now, the food!

If you're looking for authentic Mexican, this is it. But they aren't afraid to offer some delicious twists, too. I started with the Pineapple Margarita (highly recommended!) and the guacamole (a must!). The green ceviche is also to die for, as is the Jalapeno Margarita. G and I shared the steak fajitas, and they were perfectly tender, just spicy enough, and accompanied by the warmest, fresh flour tortillas. We finished the meal with the churros. I still want to lick my fingers when I think about those crisp little twists covered in cinnamon/sugar goodness!

If you're in Cabo, definitely make reservations and spend an evening here. You won't be disappointed!

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