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Protein smoothies. I never thought I'd be the girl to drink them. Then I started working out regularly (like 3 times a week weight training and 1-2 days doing cardio! Get some!) and suddenly my body needed more than I could put into it just by eating three meals. It needed more protein. And since the idea of eating a big ol' plate of meat isn't my thing (sorry, Texas!), I asked for a Ninja and started making smoothies.

This one of my favorite currently. It's so good I would drink it for dessert. Yep. I said it. It's THAT GOOD. And it has some hidden veggies. #Winning.



1/2 Banana, frozen

4-5 Strawberries, frozen

1/4 C frozen Spinach

1 scoop Whey protein powder (I like the vanilla flavor)

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk


Place all the ingredients in a single-serve blender cup (I have, use, and love the Ninja). Pour in almond milk until the ingredients are just covered. Screw on cap, blend until whole smoothie has the same color/consistency.

A few pro-tips:

(1) Have your ingredients frozen and pre-packaged into individual servings. That way, you just dump the bag into your blender, cover with your liquid, and *wiiiizzz* it's smoothie time.

(2) Skip the dairy and use almond milk. I am obsessed with the Dark Chocolate flavor right now. I love dairy and gluten (cheese and pastries please and thank you!), but find that I feel way less bloated if I can cut down on them. Replacing dairy milk with Almond milk in this recipe is an easy, delicious way to do that.

(3) If I'm feeling extra hungry, I add a scoop (about 1/4 C) of greek yogurt and a tsp of honey. Gives the smoothie a little more staying power.

(4) Go to the store and buy the big straws (the ones for Boba). It's so much easier to drink a smoothie with them!


#Health #Fitness

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