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If I'm being honest, most of the time the perfect friday night for G and I includes our sofa, PJ's, and a warm cup of coffee .... okay, and something chocolate-y and decadent for me! We usually watch something on demand (we're currently obsessed with Hunting Hitler!) and just enjoy being together without any expectations or obligations.

If your V-day plans include a day out and a lazy night, try some of these PJ's on for size! I personally love the Gilligan and O'Malley ones, because they are SO SOFT, but the heart prints on the other three sets were too cute not to include! I've also linked some of my favorite V-day themed cups, my must-have ugg slippers and the cutest set of creasless pink hair ties for that messy bun you know you will be rocking!

Ugg Slippers | Sur la Table Balloon Mug | Personalized Tree Initials Mugs | Slant Collections Mini Hearts Mug | Raspberry and Pink Hair Ties |

Forever 21 Heart PJ Set | Wildfox Couture Cupid Hearts PJs | Only Hearts Heiritage Heart Print PJs | Gilligan and O'Malley PJ Set


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