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Every year for the past five years, I have had a word given to me in December that becomes a theme for the following year. As many of you know, I am a Christian, and I find that God gives and works through these words in numerous ways as I walk through each set of 365 days. In 2011, my word was Fulfillment. 2012, Redefine. 2013 was Behold, and 2014 brought me Faith. Last year, I experienced a first: I was given two words - Transform and Redeem. Last year was also the first (and surprisingly only) year my Husband and I lived in San Francisco. Throughout that time, God intensly worked in my life, using those two words to seek and save attitudes, beliefs, and pains, bringing me into closer communion not only with Him, but with others, for the first time in many, many years.

This year is also a first for me. Early in December, G and I were flipping channels, and briefly stopped on a morning show doing a segment on the MyIntent Project. This project uses the slogan "What's your word?" as a catalyst for meaningful conversation and positive energy. As we were watching the segment, G asked what I thought about putting my word each year on a bracelet. I responded that I loved the idea of being able to visually see my word every day as I went through the year. Then I headed off to take a shower, and G flipped to watch golf.

Or did he? Because, Reader, my amazing husband actually hopped onto the MyIntent website and ordered my word for the year, Kneel, to have it waiting for me under the Christmas Tree.

I recieved my 2016 word while we were in Rome, just before receiving the news that we were moving to Houston. We visited a small church there (not a famous one, just one we both felt pulled to when we saw it from where we were having afternoon cappuchinos), and while inside I heard God distinctly asking me to Kneel. Later that night, we visited the Trevi Fountain. Just before throwing our coin in, G's phone rang, and the call we had been hestitantly awaiting came: It was time to leave California. As I thought about leaving the state that's been home for all 30 years of my life, I began to panic. I wasn't ready. I would be out of place. It was all going to be too much to handle, and maybe we shouldn't. Then, through all my anxiety and worry, I clearly heard the command again: Kneel. It was then I knew that the word was from God, and would be the one I walked with through 2016.

I genuinely love the visual reminder of my simple MyIntent bracelet. It's presence on my wrist is a constant reminder of what I am called to experience this year. I encourage you to think about what your word is, and visit the website (linked above and here). I would also love to see what your word is, and hear what it means to you! Feel free to shoot me an email ( or head to my contact page (link here!) and share that way!

Happy New Year, Reader, and God bless you.

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