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I realize I'm a bit behind in posting this, dear Reader, but that's because I am also a bit behind in everything! With several months of practically non-stop travel (posts about London and Rome will be forthcoming soon!), leaving SF, moving to Houston, and still waiting for our house to close (hopefully this Friday!!), it's been hectic. And, if I'm being honest, I've never been one for the "New Year's Resolution" trend. It seems just a bit too temporary; what I want are attainable goals and lasting lifestyle changes, not lofty and unrealistic 180's.

So, with that in mind, I spent a few days in Austin this week dreaming about what I hoped to see for myself and S&Co this upcoming year:

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1) Make healthy part of an effortless lifestyle. If you look at me compared to the average person, I'm genetically pretty blessed. Without much real input from me, my body maintains a steady weight, my skin stays relatively clear, and I can eat all sorts of junk without any significant ramifcations. That being said, I am lethargic. My hormones get wonky. I am not toned (and I used to be! Martial arts for many years had my body in tip-top shape). So this year I want to make healthy, clean eating and working out something that is so ingrained in my daily living that it becomes a habit. An effortless habit. First steps: Join that new Yoga Gym and start doing Buti consistently (Don't worry, Reader; I'll rave about Buti Yoga and how amazing it is in a later post!), drink a TON more water than I want to, and stop eating so much sugar (goodbye, lovely pastry obsession! You will have to move to an occasional indulgence).

2) Get more focused. This year, I really want to hash out and embrace what my brand is. My tagline is "Food. Fashion. Faith." I want to intentionally make sure what I'm sharing with you all focuses on at least once of those categories so that I can become a more cohesive whole, while staying true to who I am and what I love.

3) Spend my time where it really matters. As I sit here writing this, several places I know I need to focus my time and energy come to mind. I need to re-enage in daily reading and prayer. In 2015, it was sporatic, and as a result I wasn't always at my best. Furthermore, if I really believe prayer changes things, then why am I not praying incessently? Ceaselessly? I also have several relationships that I want, and need, to pour myself in to. Girl friends I've moved away from in SF who I will not stop growing closer to just because there are miles between us (you know who you are!). Lifelong friendships that I will never stop maintaining (you know who you are, too <3 ). And hurting friends that are going to cause me to wrestle more and more with what it means to love and trust a God who allows pain and brokeness to be part of our daily walk. For all these reasons, I can see my word, Kneel, becoming part of my daily cycle as I move through the bright promises and stormy skies on this year's horizon.

So there you have it! My three big picture goals for 2016. What are some of yours? I'd love to hear them! You can head to my contact page here and send me a message! Looking forward to 2016,

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