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I stumbled upon the idea for this "short-listed" favorite while reading a Trader Joe's ad about their Salsa Verde. It mentioned that the salsa verde could be the base for a stove-top chili verde, and I instantly knew that I was going to make a chili verde with their salsa, but throw it in the crockpot.

That weekend, I hit TJ's and picked up a jar. I had grabbed a can of white beans and a can of pinto beans earlier in the month (I always keep one can of each type of bean in my pantry! You never know when you might need them!), and I keep chicken breasts on hand at all times, so I was ready! Everything went into the crock pot at 6:30 AM, and when I got home that evening, the house smelled amazing! The chicken shredded readily and everything was beyond delicious. I like some cilantro on top of mine, and eat it with a few tortilla chips. G likes to eat his with saltines. Either way, it's delicious!

Chicken Chili Verde


(1) can Pinto Beans

(1) can White Beans

(2) boneless, skinless chicken breats (Note: you can absolutely put them in frozen! I do!)

(1) jar Trader Joe's Salsa Verde


Place both cans of beans (drained), the chicken breasts, and the jar of salsa in the crock pot. Turn on low to simmer all day (or high if you only have half a day!). Come home and enjoy your insanely delicious, effortless, and less than 300 calorie meal!

#600CalorieMeals #Under600 #recipebox

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